About Us

We endeavor to bring to life the historical-geographical settings and stories of the Bible so people can experience history where it happened, and as a result, grow and be fruitful in their lives and ministries.

We unite the biblical texts with the land and its geography by offering

  • A Sea of Galilee Encounter 
  • Informative conferences in LaGrange or at your location,
  • Educational trips to Israel and neighboring countries.

During each of these offerings, we explore the archaeological discoveries that have put the Bible on the map and then suggest implications for the faith journey of the participants.We find that these insights often result in a refreshing “ah ha!” response.

What We Do

  1. Host a Sea of Galilee Encounter that mirrors the topography, villages, and surroundings in the first century.
  2. Organize and lead educational trips to explore Israel and other lands that will encompass the teachings of scripture.
  3. Present informative lectures and conferences to enrich understanding of the scriptures.
  4. Counter anti-Semitism by presenting Jesus’ Jewish background and its influence on early Christianity. Seek ways of forming connections with the Jewish people.
  5. Fund scholarships so that limited resources will not inhibit conference attendance or overseas travel as individuals seek to experience the land, life, and history of Israel and biblical lands.

Our Founders

Dr. James Fleming

Dr. James Fleming is recognized around the world as a gifted educator and lecturer who is able to bring the scriptures alive by placing them in their original context. He combines his biblical scholarship and his study of geology and geography with his vast knowledge of archaeological discoveries that support and illuminate scripture. He lived and worked as an archaeologist and educator for over forty years in Israel, where he also trained Israel tour guides for certification in the Roman and Byzantine periods.

He earned his Ed.D. from Southwestern Theological Seminary and has developed biblical studies using multimedia, interactive models, and site visits. He founded the scripture gardens at the Ecumenical Institute in Jerusalem and Ein Karem, including a multimedia and map classroom. After coming to the United States he founded and developed the Biblical History Center in Lagrange, GA and is now developing the Sea of Galilee Encounter, also in Lagrange, GA. He currently serves as the President and CEO of the Board of Directors of Encounters In Archaeology and continues to lecture in the US, the Middle East, and other lands related to biblical history.

Hannaniah (Oliver) Pinto

Hannaniah (Oliver) Pinto, lecturer and tour guide. Hannaniah lived in Jerusalem, Israel for over 20 years. He is an Israeli tour guide licensed in four languages. His teaching is focused on archaeology and the Jewish background of the Bible. He helps people to understand the remains of biblical towns, connecting them to stories in the Bible in new and exciting ways.

His published book “Jesus’ Last Night with His Disciples, a Study of the First Century Historical and Archaeological Setting of the Last Supper” provides many insights into understanding the biblical lands. He is the co-founder of Biblical History Center, a museum of daily life in biblical times, and he leads tours to Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Greece, Italy, and other areas of biblical significance. His unique wit and humor make any conference or tour a rich and enjoyable experience.

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