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About Encounters in Archeology

        We endeavor to bring to life the historical-geographical
           settings and stories of the Bible, so people can
        experience history where it happened, and as a result,
           grow and be fruitful in their lives and ministries.

            We unite the biblical texts with the land and its
                    geography by offering:
      1)   a Sea of Galilee Encounter in LaGrange, GA.
      2)   informative conferences in LaGrange
         or your location,
      3)   educational trips to Israel and neighboring countries.
            During each of these offerings we explore the
          archaeological discoveries that have put the Bible
             on the map and then suggest implications
              for the faith journey of the participants.
                   We find that these insights
            often result in a refreshing “ah ha!” response.

       Tel:    706-298-7393
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